Welcome to Explore All 50!

  Welcome to The Explore All 50 Project! I created this website with three purposes in mind. First, it’s a travel guide filled with itineraries, tips, and not-to-be-missed places to visit across the United States. It’s also a how-to tool to help you craft educational adventures while creating wonderful experiences of your own. … MORE


How Much Social Media Sharing Is Too Much?

Are you part of the social media revolution? It seems everywhere I go I am surrounded by folks taking selfies, posting, pinning, instagramming, you name it.  My own daughter Lilia cannot touch her meal in a restaurant until she has posed her food professionally, taken a good photo of it, and posted it on the hot social media site du jour. I feel … MORE


Explore All 50 Shares Its Top Travel Faves

    Over 11 years of travel in 16 trips through 43 states, as a family we've racked up all kinds of experiences. My kids and I sat down and decided to list our favorite airline, hotel, car rental companies and other travel associated businesses and share our top picks with you our dear readers. I want to plainly state that … MORE

pentony twine

Reader Profile: Val Pentony–A Quest to Explore All 50 Inspires Best College Essay–Ever!

  Sometimes we start a project and the benefits that we derive from it exceed our expectations in ways we could never imagine. I don't think Val Pentony ever thought  back in 2004 when she started her quest to see all 50 by 50 what kind of impact it would have on her, her family and her friends.  Her project has not only inspired … MORE

first aid kit

How To Assemble The BEST First Aid Kit!

I was such a rookie when I first started traveling with my kids 11 years ago. I didn't even give a second thought to an emergency...what was I thinking? The 3rd trip in, I realized it was better to be prepared so I purchased one of those ready made first aid kits. What a mistake. When I opened it up out on the road, I realized it had some weird … MORE


Reservations: They’re Not Just For Dinner Anymore!

Imagine and your family are totally psyched about seeing this awesome historical place that offers tours at 12pm 1pm and 3pm.  You've got lots planned for your trip and figure you'll make the 1pm tour and then head off to your other stops. Sadly, when you get there you find out the 1pm tour is sold out...ugh.  It's happened to me in … MORE


City Pass: Sounds Like A Deal–But Read The Fine Print!

Spring is here and with that summer road trip plans are quickly taking shape. I am feverishly planning, and like any good road trip traveler I am looking for a deal. But as with all things in life, when shopping around there are two rules that apply-A) if something is too good to be true it usually is and B) always read the fine print...two rules … MORE


Here’s A Freebie You Might Like

  It seems like no matter where we go online these days we are constantly being bombarded with gazillions of offers and I am sure like me, you've conditioned yourself to just tune them out. I was doing some online banking recently and somehow out of the corner of my eye a few key words caught my attention..."Free Museum Admission". … MORE