Welcome to Explore All 50!

  Welcome to The Explore All 50 Project! I created this website with three purposes in mind. First, it’s a travel guide filled with itineraries, tips, and not-to-be-missed places to visit across the United States. It’s also a how-to tool to help you craft educational adventures while creating wonderful experiences of your own. … MORE


Holiday Game Night: Use your travels as inspiration!

I know lots of folks travel at holiday time and every now and then we will too,  but most times we  like to host the big holiday meals at our home. Years ago, in an effort to create an evening that was not only tasty but also lots of fun, I like created a game for everyone to play. Some years it was Family Feud, but I've also done Wheel of … MORE


Got Sports? Catch Your Favorite Team Out On The Road

Have you got some sports nuts in your travel posse? Sometimes it's hard to get everyone excited about traveling, and even if they're up for it, not everyone wants to do museums and historical stuff all the time-and I count myself in that group  Here's a great way to get your ardent sports fans excited about road trip travel and connect … MORE

Holiday Travel

Holiday Travel: Is It Worth The Hassle?

I’ve been pretty successful at putting off traveling during the holidays for the last couple of years much to the dismay of my three children who did not waste a moment in letting me know they were bored out of their skulls. Even with local activities planned it was hard to make the most of their time off, so for the second time I am relenting … MORE


Inspiration: A Mother’s Hope For A College Essay

This morning my middle son, Isaac, left for a college application seminar at his school. I still find it hard to believe, Isaac-the little boy with the infectious laugh is now a senior in high school and about to pen that rite of passage-the college essay. When my kids and I embarked on this project to explore all 50 states 11 years ago I hadn't … MORE


A View From The Road: Immigration Then & Now

Immigration has been in the news quite a bit lately, from the plight of mothers and children held at detention centers, to the deportation or lack thereof of illegal immigrants who commit crimes, immigration is the hot topic du jour. Candidates for president are bringing this issue to the forefront and it really made me reflect on what I saw on our … MORE

Ice Cream

Explore All 50’s Top 10 Ice Creams Across The USA

And now back from our latest road trip it's time to update top 10 ice cream list. Ice cream is our sweet tooth obsession and we try it wherever we go. Having now covered 46 of the 50 states here are our all time faves.  Luscious flavors, chunky mix-ins and yummy swirls are so tough to resist-and sometimes top quality brings out the best in simple … MORE


I Lost My Wallet-What Do I Do Now???

There is not much worse when you are traveling than finding out your ID and credit cards have all gone missing. That nightmare scenario played out for me on trip #16 to NY, NJ, and PA as we toured Ellis Island adjacent to the Statue of Liberty. After an extensive walking tour learning about how new immigrants were processed once they arrived, we … MORE