Welcome to Explore All 50!

I created this website with three purposes in mind. First, it’s a travel guide filled with itineraries, tips, and not-to-be-missed places to visit across the United States. It’s also a how-to tool to help you craft educational adventures while creating wonderful experiences of your own. Finally, it is the story of my family, a single mom’s … MORE

Michael & Larissa Milne

Catching up with Global Nomads and Award-Winning Travel Bloggers Michael & Larissa Milne

Earlier this year at the LA Times Travel Show, I had the awesome opportunity to meet Larissa and Michael Milne, the writers behind the very popular and acclaimed travel blog Changes in Longitude. In 2011 they quit their jobs, sold their house and gave away their possessions to travel around the world for a year with a Rocky statue. They're … MORE

off to college

Off to College: Reflections of a Road Trip Mom

I've just returned from clear across the country, moving my daughter Lilia, my eldest child, into college on the east coast.  It's an exciting and emotional time launching your child into the big wide world. As I stared at the huge mountain of stuff on the curb, besides wondering how it was all going to fit into the small dorm room (which it … MORE


Discovering The Top Of The World–Barrow, Alaska

Barrow is the northernmost city in the United States located at the very top on the Alaska coast on the Arctic Ocean.  It's a place most folks will never visit but for reasons I cannot explain, coming here was very important to me.  To me, visiting a remote place like Barrow is what it truly means to savor life-to take advantage of a once in a … MORE


Postcard Collecting: A Beautiful and Inexpensive Hobby

I have some awesome readers that bring some really great ideas to my attention and sometimes I just have to share them. One such idea came from Nancy Hayes, a reader and travel enthusiast from who enjoys collecting postcards. Though I like to take my own pictures, I'll often buy postcards on a trip because they are so beautiful and they are a … MORE


Renters Beware: Why Even If You Have Insurance It Can Still Cost You

If you've been following us on here and on social media, you know we just came back from an Alaskan road trip.  Where most folks opt to do a cruise to cover a fair amount of area, we decided to buck convention and do a real road trip, flying and driving through our 50th state.  The rental cost on the two cars (one in Juneau for a day and a half … MORE


Why You’ve Just Got To Buy Those Crazy Souvenir Photos!

I'm sure you've seen this a million times. You head to an attraction and at some point during the visit you get attacked by a photographer plying you to take a free photo which you can buy if you like it before you leave. The first thought that goes through your head is "heck no-I'm not getting suckered into shelling out big bucks for a photo … MORE

yellowstone 4

A 10-day July 4th Adventure in Yellowstone and Cody, Wyoming (by Guest Blogger Madeline Jason)

Most of the road trips here on Explore All 50 move at a pretty quick pace, but that can be a little daunting for seniors like us. If you are looking for a little more leisurely experience through Yellowstone, here's a 10 day road trip that allowed us to spend some truly memorable time in America's first national park as well as take in the 4th of … MORE