Mapping Your Road Trip


What you need to know to figure out how far you can go. Once you’ve decided on a particular region and you’ve figured out how many days you can spend, the next part is planning your route and mapping your trip. I have found that, by and large, the best approach is to create a loop in which you start and stop in a large city where you can fly in and out of, and rent and return your vehicle (if necessary). A … [Read more...]

The Trip Bible: Your Handy Travel Tool

Picture this: You’re in rural New Mexico and, after a long, tedious drive you are about to check in to your motel for the night. But something’s wrong—the reservation you made weeks in advance isn’t showing up in the system.  Even worse, you have no phone service and your laptop/iPad is dead. Now you’ve got tired kids and a short temper, and no way to prove that you pre-paid for a room. There’s one … [Read more...]