I am not sure what we were imagining about Connecticut but it didn't jive with what we saw.  I guess when I hear Connecticut I think of Connecticut Yankees, colonial, white picket fences.  We were all surprised to find Connecticut very urban and a  little gritty.  The waterfront is very picturesque, but it's also pretty commercial.  We really felt that the Yale campus looked like it had been plunked down in the … [Read more...]

Connecticut State Capitol Building (Hartford)

Connecticut State Capitol Building

While most state capitol building mimic our nations's capitol with the traditional dome, occasionally some dare to be different.  The Connecticut State Capitol Building is one of those that breaks tradition with it's unique and original architecture.  It's kind of hard to describe, but I'd say it seemed like a cathedral crossed with a bavarian castle.  Inside there are tons of bronze sculptures, some pretty … [Read more...]

Mark Twain House and Museum (Hartford)

Mark Twain House and Museum

We were so excited to learn more about this American literary icon by seeing the home where he lived.  We arrived and joined the tour led by a snappy little English fellow and headed to the home.  Here we are, at Mark Twain's House and Museum, you'd expect to learn about the man, his life, his inspiration his works right? Wrong! We learned about the wallpaper in the living room, where they bought the chandelier, … [Read more...]

Yale University (New Haven)


What a thrill it was to stand on the Yale campus  or as my daughter Lilia likes to refer to it as “the 3rd university on the college tour of schools guaranteed to reject me”. As we arrived  I wasn’t sure if I was at Yale or the set of the latest Harry Potter movie, the architecture is just magical. As we passed one of the dorm buildings or a “college” as it’s called, we could imagine passageways, known … [Read more...]

Pez Visitor Center (Orange)

Pez Visitor Center

I don't know about you, but my kids and I LOVE Pez.  Checking out the Pez Visitor Center was definitely the highlight of the day, and one of the most memorable things on the trip.  Driving up from New Haven, our GPS took us through this weird little residential area, and when we turned a corner we came upon this big commercial building with huge bright Pez wrappers hanging on the top.  The kids were squealing … [Read more...]

Top 3 Must-See College Campuses


College campuses are not places I regularly seek out as stops on my road trips, but occasionally they can be historically significant or offer something unique, kitschy or cool that’s relevant to the place you are visiting. A quick visit can usually be accomplished in about 30 minutes. I’ll be the first to admit, one of the biggest motivating factors is leaving with a real deal souvenir t-shirt bought at the … [Read more...]

Itinerary #14: New England Road Trip

Cape Cod

I knew New England would be rich with historical significance, but I had no idea it would be so overwhelming.  I felt at times that I was standing in the birthplace of this great nation.  Seeing these historic places, pulled at us and brought us close to those brave souls who were pushed to the edge, to risk life and limb for liberty and freedom.  From John Adams to JFK to Ben and Jerry, New England was full of … [Read more...]