Trip #17: Maryland, Delaware, Virginia and West Virginia

So much of this trip was a sobering reality check that left us understanding the bitter divide between North and South and the everyday souls who endured so much for their cause. Often times words could not describe our feelings looking at the battlefields and learning the personal stories of brave Americans, from decorated generals to those barely old enough to enlist. But not everything on this trip revolved around … [Read more...]


Did you know Delaware was the first state to ratify the Constitution therefore making it the first state in the Union? Delaware is a soft spoken state with it's beautiful and lush landscape and quiet and charming towns but it is equally resolute in its deep connection to the history of the founding of our nation. Even it's capital of Dover sort of feels like a small town. Quiet wealth and beauty reside here.  One … [Read more...]

First State Heritage Park (Dover)

Did you know Delaware was the first state in the union? I didn't until we arrived at the First State Heritage Park in Dover. Sadly on our late arrival on a Friday afternoon on 4th of July weekend, all was closed so I cannot give you a first hand account of what is inside of the various buildings. I was so upset because the visitor center looked super cool and there were lots of other historic buildings I really … [Read more...]

Hagley Museum and Library (Wilmington)

My friend and fellow 50 state enthusiast Lisa Orlanski told me that the Hagley Museum and Library was incredibly cool and not to be missed and I am so glad I took her advice and checked it out because it was indeed  fascinating not only from a historical perspective but also from a scientific, military and economic one as well. Hagley as it is commonly called is the former gunpowder (also known as black powder) … [Read more...]

Winterthur (Wilmington)

  Winterthur is one of the majestic estates that belonged to the DuPont family (yes the family that started DuPont the huge American company).  It sits on approximately 970 acres near the Brandywine creek and includes the home and extensive gardens. H. F. DuPont was the last heir to live in the home and and he transformed it to house the most extensive collection of American decorative arts in the … [Read more...]