New Hampshire

New Hampshire

Our initial take on New Hampshire is it's very woodsy and natural.  Forests are everywhere and the natural landscape is very green.  Buried in little enclaves in the woods are some adorable little towns, one example is the town of Hanover which is also home to Dartmouth college.  As we drove from Franconia-where the poet Robert Frost made his home, down through the White Mountains in the middle of the state, we … [Read more...]

New Hampshire State Capitol Building (Concord)

New Hampshire State Capitol Building

The New Hampshire State Capitol Building felt like it met all the requirements for a state capitol but just didn't have a whole lot of personality.  It does have the requisite columns and the gold dome, but inside it just felt like a plate of mashed potatoes that didn't have enough salt and pepper. One interesting fact though, is that this is the oldest statehouse in which the legislature still occupies its original … [Read more...]

The Frost Place (Franconia)

The Frost Place

Unless you are a die hard Robert Frost devotee, I am not sure I would take the time to check this out.  We were intrigued because Isaac had done an extensive book report on the famous poet.  I thought it would be really interesting to check out where he lived and what inspired some of his most famous poetry.  Off the main highway and into the woods we drove until we arrived at the parking lot.  We hiked up to the … [Read more...]

The Friendly Toast (Portsmouth)

The Friendly Toast

Searching for breakfast in Portsmouth we happened upon The Friendly Toast, a  fun and friendly place and since it's one of the few restaurants in town that do a real breakfast, it was packed.  The decor looks like grandma's garage exploded.  Kitschy weird is an understatement here -mismatched table items,  all kinds of advertising signs from another era, Kentucky Fried Chicken lamp fixtures you vaguely remember … [Read more...]

Itinerary #14: New England Road Trip

Cape Cod

I knew New England would be rich with historical significance, but I had no idea it would be so overwhelming.  I felt at times that I was standing in the birthplace of this great nation.  Seeing these historic places, pulled at us and brought us close to those brave souls who were pushed to the edge, to risk life and limb for liberty and freedom.  From John Adams to JFK to Ben and Jerry, New England was full of … [Read more...]