Rhode Island

Rhode Island

Rhode Island is the smallest state, but it's a giant in my book.  It's lovely and green, and a pleasant cross between rural and urban.  Newport is a charming town and it's easy to see why so many titans of industry chose to build their mansions here.  I'd only wished we'd had enough time to see them.  We loved the harbor, and the historic places.  But was really drew me to Rhode Island, and I'd say it's a top … [Read more...]

America’s Cup Charters (Newport)

America's Cup Charters

Did you know that Newport Harbor is the home base for the yachts that race in the America's Cup?  I thought it would be incredibly cool to sail on one  and after doing some research, found America's Cup Charters based in Newport Harbor. They are just simply amazing!!!  All their boats have at some time raced in the America's Cup and some have even won.  What's great is that you do as much or as little "helping" … [Read more...]

Sprinkles Ice Cream (Newport)

Sprinkles Ice Cream

Not to be confused with Sprinkles in California, this place was just beyond fantastic!  Sprinkles Ice Cream is homemade ice cream that is smooth and creamy and sold from a little stand on the pier at Bowen's Wharf. The have hard and soft serve which I am sure are both equally great, but we tried the hard serve.  We sampled some really unusual flavors like Moose Track, Maine Deer Tracks, and Maine Black Bear.  I … [Read more...]

Touro Synagogue (Newport)

Touro Synagogue

You don't have to be Jewish to find this place fascinating.  Besides being the oldest continuously active Jewish congregation in the United States, the Touro Synagogue is notable for a few other reasons.  The building is significant because it's one of the best and well preserved examples architecture of the period having been completed in 1763 and meticulously maintained ever since. Many fled persecution for … [Read more...]

Rhode Island State Capitol Building (Providence)

Rhode Island State Capitol Building

Sometimes state capitol buildings can hold the most amazing treasures.  These are usually quick stops as my kids love to quickly run in check out the rotunda and the dome and check for interesting artifacts, but sometimes you want to go a little deeper when you see something truly fascinating.  So when we walked in to the Rhode Island State Capitol building we saw cases of battle worn flags from civil war … [Read more...]

Itinerary #14: New England Road Trip

Cape Cod

I knew New England would be rich with historical significance, but I had no idea it would be so overwhelming.  I felt at times that I was standing in the birthplace of this great nation.  Seeing these historic places, pulled at us and brought us close to those brave souls who were pushed to the edge, to risk life and limb for liberty and freedom.  From John Adams to JFK to Ben and Jerry, New England was full of … [Read more...]