Vermont is exactly what you expect with a little bit of the unexpected thrown in. Driving through we noticed lovely green rolling hills, gorgeous pasture lands with dairy farms dotting the landscape. Now picture a guy jogging with his dog on the road, with a bandana on his head holding together a massive bunch of dreadlocks that, I kid you not, were down to his waist.  That's Vermont.  Rural with a free spirited … [Read more...]

Cabot Creamery (Cabot)

Cabot Creamery

Vermont is also famous for cheddar cheese, and no one does it better than Cabot Creamery.  We headed up to the factory in Cabot and learned all about the cheese making process.  The Cabot Creamery is a co-op, which means it is owned by all the dairy farmers who provide their milk- they share the cost and the profit working together to ensure a top quality product.  After watching a short movie about how cheese is … [Read more...]

Dakin Farms (Ferrisburgh)

Dankin Farm

Everyone knows Vermont is the home of maple syrup and Dakin Farms is one of the oldest farms in Vermont, but do you know how it's made?  Unfortunately for us, we still don't know as we got there just as they were closing.  The woman manning the shop on Route 7 was kind enough to let us run it and buy some syrup to take home and some corn cob smoked turkey and a few other goodies to snack on.  Sadly we got … [Read more...]

Vermont State Capitol Building (Montpelier)

Vermont State Capitol Building

The Vermont State Capitol Building, though grand from the outside,  inside feels like a very large home, not a big statehouse.  There is no rotunda and very few artifacts.  What we did discover inside, is that Vermont is the birthplace of two presidents, Chester Arthur, and Calvin Coolidge and both or their portraits hang prominently inside.  Run in quickly and say you were there.  The town is very picturesque … [Read more...]

Ben and Jerry’s Factory Tour (Waterbury)

Ben and Jerry's Factory Tour

As you drive through and explore Vermont, you realize why this is the perfect location for the Ben and Jerry's factory.  Rural dairy farms and a hippie vibe swirled together just like their ice cream.  My kids just could not wait to get here.  Unfortunately the way it worked out on our trip, we needed to hit this stop in the morning and lucky for us, it opened at 9am.  Ice cream for breakfast-not such a bad … [Read more...]

Itinerary #14: New England Road Trip

Cape Cod

I knew New England would be rich with historical significance, but I had no idea it would be so overwhelming.  I felt at times that I was standing in the birthplace of this great nation.  Seeing these historic places, pulled at us and brought us close to those brave souls who were pushed to the edge, to risk life and limb for liberty and freedom.  From John Adams to JFK to Ben and Jerry, New England was full of … [Read more...]