Black Canyon of the Gunnison (Gunnison)

Destination #4: New Mexico and Colorado

The Black Canyon of The Gunnison has some of the most incredible rock formations we have seen anywhere.  We thought it would be a great place to stretch our legs, take in the views and catch a break from the car for just a bit.   There are trails to hike if that’s your thing, but were content to just take in the sites from the viewing platform. There is a visitor center which can come in handy if you need any last minute supplies or snack and drinks.  Parking is right on the edge of the lookout so be aware. Isaac  who was 7 at the time was in a bad mood ( I wish I could remember why) and wanted to wait in the car instead of hanging out with the rest of us. Imagine my horror when I was startled by the sound of the car starting, realizing  I had stupidly left the keys in the ignition. Thankfully, I got to the car before he put it in gear and went rolling off the cliff.  My heart was beating out of my chest. In that moment I could have lost my son. Today Isaac is nearly 16 and is learning to drive, but to me he's still that little boy.  Moral of the story—always, always, ALWAYS, have your keys with you!

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