Trip Soundtracks

Soundtrack for Trip #1: Washington, Oregon

Soundtrack for Trip #1: Washington, Oregon

Traveling to the Pacific Northwest? Don't forget to your soundtrack to keep everyone humming while your on the road. From Grunge with it's roots in Seattle to classic rock and beyond, here's a list of tunes to get you started.

Soundtrack for Trip #2: Nevada, Utah and Arizona

Soundtrack for Trip #2: Nevada, Utah and Arizona

From the flash of the Vegas casinos on the strip to the desolate highways amidst the painted desert, here's your must have road trip soundtrack for Trip #2 Nevada, Utah, and Arizona.

Soundtrack #3

Soundtrack for Trip #3: Idaho, Wyoming and Montana

It's hard to imagine "Home On The Range" not being inspired by the lovely rolling hills and big sky of these three western frontier states. We're including this famous Gene Autry classic as well as a host of other tunes both old and new, to keep you company while you travel through these gorgeous wide open spaces.

Soundtrack #4

Soundtrack for Trip #4: New Mexico and Colorado

Enjoy this eclectic collection of tunes celebrating the sights and sounds of New Mexico and Colorado. From "Weird Science" to a "Rocky Mountain High," our list has you covered as you traverse the land of enchantment and the centennial state.

dakota road trip 035

Soundtrack for Trip #5: North and South Dakota

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of my trip to North and South Dakota, is Steppenwolf's "Born To Be Wild" blasting as we headed down the highway. South Dakota Motorcycle culture around Sturgis and Deadwood is legend. Continue to get your American groove on with the rest of these road tested tunes as you discover Mt. Rushmore, the Black Hills, and everywhere else along the prairie that the road takes you.


Soundtrack for Trip #6: Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma

Here are some awesome tunes to get you in touch with your inner pioneer as you cruise through America's heartland hopefully not while trying to outrun a tornado.


Soundtrack for Trip #7: Texas

From Cowboy ballads and honky tonk swing, to Tejano pop stars with mariachi moves-Texas style is a true original. Big and bold with an independent spirit there is so much to discover so make sure you pack your music while you drive the trails from San Antonio to Dallas or Fort Worth to Corpus Christie and everywhere in between.


Soundtrack for Trip #8: Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin

With the right combination of big cities and open spaces, here's a short playlist that will give you the flavor of the midwest, whether it's pretzels, beer and polkas in Wisconsin, the St. Louis blues, Frank Sinatara's infamous "Chicago". We've also included some classic rolling down the highway stuff to indulge that latent Harley riding fantasy.


Soundtrack for Trip #9: Florida

Here's a list of tunes that celebrate Florida, the Sunshine State. Groove down the highway to Jimmy Buffet as you cruise from Orlando to the Keys then channel some spicy Latin flavor in Miami with Gloria Estefan and our other musical picks.


Soundtrack for Trip #10: Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama

This region is the birthplace to so much iconic American music so grab your blue suede shoes as you hit the gas pedal and explore our country's musical history. Explore Country, Gospel, the Blues plus the birth of Rock and Roll.


Soundtrack for Trip #11: Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and Kentucky

This Great Lakes region has had such a profound influence on the rest of the country from car culture, to that unmistakeable Motown sound. Check out the soundtrack to Trip #11 and you’ll be riding down the road with The Pretenders, John Cougar Mellencamp, Kid Rock, Marvin Gaye and The Supremes and that’s just for starters!


Soundtrack for Trip #12: Hawaii

Images of coconuts, flower leis, and hula dancers immediately come to mind as one thinks about the islands of Hawaii. It wouldn't be complete without the island sounds of the ukelele and more as you explore. Check out our soundtrack to complete your experience in paradise.


Soundtrack for Trip #13: Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina

The first song I think of about driving through these southern states is "Georgia On My Mind," made famous by the iconic piano man Ray Charles. In addition to that unforgettable tune, here's a list of songs to keep you company as you reflect on ideas and themes of the south and the artists who call Georgia, North and South Carolina their home.

New England

Soundtrack for Trip #14: New England

The value of freedom and the sacrifice to achieve it are ever present as you drive through the gorgeous landscape of New England. Here's an interesting mix of songs to keep that independent spirit alive as you travel down the roads that make up this historic and picturesque region.


Soundtrack for Trip #15: Alaska

Here's a great list of 'cool' songs to make you smile as you hurtle down the road in the last frontier. Keep your eyes peeled for moose, bears and lots of other assorted creatures as you hum along to these awesome tunes.


Soundtrack for Trip #16: New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania

Exploring these epic states would not be complete without the iconic music that comes to mind at the near mention of their names. Check out our list that covers all the greats and feel free to add more of your own personal faves.


Soundtrack for Trip #17: Maryland, Delaware, Virginia and West Virginia

From the birthplace of the Star Spangled Banner to the battlefields of the Civil War this region is rich with significant American History to be discovered in the states of Maryland, Delaware, Virginia and West Virginia.