Road Trip Temptation: Exploring By Taste Without Getting Off Track

As you are reading this we are out on the road on our latest road trip exploring Maryland, Delaware, Virginia and West Virginia. One of our family's favorite ways to explore is through taste and as I was researching our trip I came across a ton of stuff I know we'll just have to try. At home we try to eat healthfully buying organic when we can, eating lean meats and lots of veggies and trying to limit sweets and … [Read more...]

Island Creamery-(Chincoteague Island)

As you know by now, we've tasted ice cream all across the country.  One thing we know for sure, if there's a line out the door, it's a pretty good sign that it's going to be good. The minute we set foot on Chincoteague Island the locals told us not to miss The Island Creamery with tips on the best times to avoid the crush. We finally made our way over after dinner and even though the line was out the door, it did … [Read more...]

Explore All 50’s Top 10 Ice Creams Across The USA

Ice Cream

And now back from our latest road trip it's time to update top 10 ice cream list. Ice cream is our sweet tooth obsession and we try it wherever we go. Having now covered 46 of the 50 states here are our all time faves.  Luscious flavors, chunky mix-ins and yummy swirls are so tough to resist-and sometimes top quality brings out the best in simple flavors. Here's our best of the best guide-try any of these and we … [Read more...]

The Charmery (Baltimore)

One of the first things my kids and I do as we plan a road trip is to find out what is the city's top ice cream spot. Doing a little digging and reading the reviews, all arrows pointed to the Charmery as a place we just had to check out. Interestingly enough, Lilia's college friends based in Baltimore hadn't heard of it so we sent them to do a little reconnaissance and they came back with huge thumbs up. It just goes … [Read more...]

Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory (New York City-Brooklyn)

We weren't sure what to expect when we walked up to the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory under the Brooklyn Bridge.  All our guidebooks told us to check it out but Larry our friend from Brooklyn had never heard of it.  If you know us by now, you know we will never pass on ice cream so in we went and man, are we glad we did. First off the little shop is adorable, located in an old firehouse it's filled with little bits … [Read more...]

Capofitto Gelateria (Philadelphia)

Sometimes to come across something by happenstance and it totally knocks your socks off. After a very mediocre lunch in the historic district, we happened to walk by Capofitto. The beautiful gelato display made us weak in the knees and there was no way we were going to pass it without taking a taste. As soon as the spoons hit our tongues, we were sold. This gelato was magical and by far the creamiest, smoothest, … [Read more...]

Reader Profile: Jeff Shoer, combining a passion for food and a quest to see all 50!

Jeff Shoer

Jeff Shoer is a self proclaimed food and travel “experientialist”. What is that you ask? Well, according to Jeff it’s a term he coined to sum up his combined passion for experiencing food and travel while writing articles documenting his adventures both on the road and on the plate. Jeff officially began his quest to discover and “taste” all 50 states as a co-pilot on a road trip to the Pacific Northwest … [Read more...]

Lapperts Ice Cream (Hanapepe)


As you’re driving through this adorable little town, you must stop sample the ice cream at…Lapperts—The homemade treat was created here in Hanapepe by Walter Lappert in 1983 when he retired here and could not find quality ice cream to enjoy.  He sought to create a super premium brand of ice cream using flavors and ingredients in the islands.  Walter has since passed away, but his ice cream legacy lives on … [Read more...]

Ye Olde Grist Mill and Velvet Ice Cream Factory (Utica)

Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and Kentucky

We’ve been on quite a few factory tours by now, so we were psyched to finally see how ice cream is made at the Velvet Ice Cream Factory which is located inside an old Grist Mill. Let me just tell you, unless you have time to kill, this place is a bit of a bust. We arrived at the very picturesque location near a small creak with ducks and geese.  We hung out waiting for the "tour" to start.  There was quite a bit … [Read more...]

Chilkat Cones (Juneau)

If you've been reading our blog, you know by now that ice cream is one of our favorite desserts and a must have on any road trip. As we were touring Juneau, we got an urgent craving for our favorite frozen treat. After asking a few locals where we should go, we were told to head over to the wharf to a Juneau original-Chilkat Cones. Chilkat cones offers a variety of ice cream flavors, smoothies, truffles and … [Read more...]