New York

When most folks think of New York, instantly they are transported to a vision of the city with the same name-, the bright lights of Time Square, the bursts of yellow as taxis race by, world class museums, and the sights and smells of iconic foods. New York  is also more than just the city that shares it’s namesake, it is a large, mostly rural state. What was a true revelation to us was that most of New York … [Read more...]

Trip #16: New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania

Sometimes there is so much to see that it is impossible to squeeze it all in and such was the case on our trip to explore these three hugely important states. My kids and I could have easily spent an entire week in New York City alone so it was more than a little frustrating to have to pick and choose what would have the most significance on our trip. I think this itinerary worked well for the most part except when … [Read more...]

Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural Site (Buffalo)

If you've been following my blog, it's no secret that Teddy Roosevelt is my favorite president. So it was especially thrilling for me to visit the site of his impromptu inauguration after the tragic assassination of President William McKinley. The site has now been turned into an extravagant multimedia learning experience. President McKinley was visiting the Pan American Exposition in Buffalo when he was shot … [Read more...]

Baseball Hall of Fame (Cooperstown)

Although no one is my family is a huge baseball fan, there was no way we were going to pass through upstate New York and not pay our respects and this veritable shrine to America's favorite pastime. Upstate New York is a charming and beautiful place dotted with picturesque small towns. The most charming and beautiful of all is Cooperstown which to me felt like a Norman Rockwell painting come to life-lovely houses … [Read more...]

Niagara Power Project Visitor Center (Lewiston)

Did you know that besides being one of the great wonders of the world, Niagara Falls is also a huge source of hydro-electric power? We learned all about how energy is harvested from the power of the rushing water with a visit to the Niagara Power Project Visitor Center located just 4 miles downstream in the Niagara river gorge. I highly recommend stopping here if you have any one in your party interested in science … [Read more...]

Erie Canal Cruise (Lockport)

I am always thrilled by the marvels of modern engineering and so there was no way I was going to pass up a chance to learn about the canal and the lock system that helps boats traverse changes in elevation to move from one body of water to another.  The Erie canal cruise is a relaxed and laid back way to enjoy time on the water while you watch in awe at the fabulous way engineers found  to solve a problem moving … [Read more...]

Cave Of The Winds (Niagara Falls)

There are a few ways to get a more up close and personal experience at the falls provided you don't mind getting a little wet, and if it's a super hot day like it was when we were there, it can actually be quite refreshing. After finding out that the Maid of The Mist, the boat that cruises up to the falls was completely sold out, we discovered the Cave Of The Winds which turned out to be quite a fun and memorable … [Read more...]

Niagara Falls NY (Niagara Falls)

There is not much more that compares in nature than the awesome power of the rushing waters over Niagara Falls. The falls straddle the border between the US and Canada and it's no secret that the falls on the Canadian side are much more breathtaking but since we didn't have our passports and weren't taking any chances we decided to marvel at the tamer Falls on the American side and we weren't even remotely … [Read more...]

Brennan and Carr (New York City, Brooklyn)

Are you a roast beef fan? If so, you do not want to miss place.  Brennan and Carr's has been making their famous roast beef dip sandwiches since 1938 and pleasing Brooklynites for generations. Located in the Sheepshead Bay area this is a real locals kind of place. The kids and I popped into this tiny joint and were instantly hit with the pleasing aroma of roasting beef. On the counter we saw a couple of small … [Read more...]

Brighton Beach (New York City-Brooklyn)

What I love about America is there are so many places where you can go and feel like you are in another whole country. Brooklyn is no exception.  There are many immigrant communities here but one of the most famous is Brighton Beach which can feel to the average American like a trip to Russia. Take a walk under the subway bridge a block from the beach and every sign will be in Russian, the language you hear on the … [Read more...]