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I created this website with three purposes in mind. First, it’s a travel guide filled with itineraries, tips, and not-to-be-missed places to visit across the United States. It’s also a how-to tool to help you craft educational adventures while creating wonderful experiences of your own. Finally, it is the story of my family, a single mom’s odyssey to imbue her children with knowledge and, more importantly, a lifetime of memories.

By embarking on this journey to experience all fifty states, a family history was created where there was none. In the aftermath of divorce, these trips became the glue that held us together, and will continue to do so long into the future. The one thing I can count on to bring a smile to everyone’s faces are our road trip memories. They are our stories, our adventures, and in no small part—who we are.

Although they don’t realize it yet, these trips have been my greatest gift to my children. I’ve given each of them an overflowing gift box in their mind to which they can return throughout their lives. In addition to the good times, each of them has learned what it means to be an American—to appreciate our rich history and the spirit of the American people.

It’s my greatest hope that this website will inspire you to explore our beautiful country so rich with history and diverse culture and scenery. I hope my posts, itineraries and tips will encourage family trips like those I have taken with my children and inspire memories and laughter in the future. Today, when so much technology has invaded our lives, I hope to inspire old-fashioned togetherness, riding on to the next adventure without the DVD blasting in the backseat, but instead humming tunes while looking out the window at vistas greater than anything on a flat screen. I hope to encourage adventure and learning that takes us away from the comforts of home and confines of the classroom. To learn that history is not just a page in a textbook. To see that food does not come from a package, but grows in a field on someone’s farm. To experience cultural differences in cuisine, clothing, accents, and traditions that create the beautiful patchwork quilt that is America. To broaden knowledge by seeing, touching, and tasting—by being in places so different than our own communities and appreciating what we have and what it means to be free.

Consider this site your all-inclusive guide to making memories, experiencing America, and handling whatever life throws at you while on the road.  I hope you are inspired to take on the Explore All 50 Project…So come along with me and begin your journey here...LET’S GO!!!

Explore All 50

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