Four Corners National Monument

Destination #4: New Mexico and Colorado

How cool is it to simultaneously be in four states at once! You can do just that at the Four Corners National Monument which is administered by the Navajo Nation. Beware, it was about $3 per person to enter and the concessioners have a tendency to up their prices just because.  After posing for photos on the monument marker we decided to peruse the stands.  I wanted everyone to taste Indian Fry Bread to add to our cultural experence.  It was an incredibly windy day and after waiting a long time to get my order, the bread flew right out of my hand the minute it was handed to me.  I appealed to the woman who cooked it but no dice, if I wanted more I was going to have to pay for it.  Not in the mood to wait another 15 minutes for a second order, we opted for snow cones at the next stand over.  I ordered seven small snow cones but was immediately  informed there were no more small cups and I would have to buy the medium size for $1 more for each.  I wasn't too happy about it but I guess if the Navajo are more than a little bitter,  I can understand why, given the desolate terrain they were handed by the government…DO NOT MISS!