Georgia State Capitol Building (Atlanta)

Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina

Time to explore the Georgia Capitol Building. Ever eat a dish that didn’t have enough salt or spices? That’s how Georgia’s capitol building is—bland. The building is pretty from the outside and as we drove up  we were super excited to run in and see what treasures lay in store for us inside..  Sadly,  inside there just wasn't a lot going on in fact it couldn't hold a candle to some of the more elaborate state houses we've seen across the country.

Now in all fairness, we found out that the building has been undergoing some renovations so many of the artifacts, artwork and portraits are in storage.  I sincerely hope that the inside when it's finished will be a stately and beautiful as the outside.  Georgian's deserves a state house to be proud of-especially in a city with so much history.  There supposedly is a museum on site as well which was closed when we were there.  If you do go, make sure and check it out.  It's supposed to have some really neat stuff relating to Georgia's unique and varied history.

Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina

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