Shipwreck Rock (Near Gallup and Four Corners)

Shipwreck Rock

Out in the middle of the desert that seems flat for as far as your eye can see, stands this huge rock peak that appears to spring out of nowhere named Shipwreck Rock.  It is mysterious and hauntingly beautiful and the iconic symbol of the New Mexican desert.  We pulled over onto the side of the rode and snapped some pictures.  And then my nine-year-old daughter informed us she had to pee.  There was nothing around in any direction, so Shari told Lilia to pick out a cactus and do her thing.  Her having to pee made me have to pee so I picked out my own cactus as well.  On the road sometimes we lose a little bit of our pride and go into survivor mode and do whatever we haves to do.  No place for princesses with tiaras in the desert.

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