White Water Rafting on the Arkansas River (Salida)

Destination #4: New Mexico and Colorado

I'd always been a little nervous about white water rafting but after our adventure on Trip #3 but I was game to try it once again. If you are fearful like I was, I strongly encourage you to give it a try on a mellow ride and make sure you go out with a professional outfit.  Once you conquer your fear, you will enjoy an incredibly amazing experience and might even be tempted to up the ante and try a run with larger rapids.My travel buddy Shari is a die hard white water rafting fan could not pass up an opportunity to go hit the rapids, and so we all went along this time on the Arkansas River with a terrific outfit called Canyon Marine Whitewater Expeditions.

After getting suited up in our lifejackets much to our chagrin, we found out we had to carry our raft to the water, which is no small feat folks, those rafts weigh a ton!  Once we managed to get the raft into the water, our guide got everyone safely and securely in making sure all the kids were seated properly so as not to fall out especially on the larger rapids. Shari and I were in the front oars in hand with the kids nestled in between us and the guide.  They showed us what to do in case we fell out, but thankfully that never happened-the water by the way was freezing cold. We had a super guide who rowed us along the whole way saying “Awesome” just about every other word.

Supposedly, we traveled on a class 4 rapid (although it seemed a little more tame). It was fun and just the right amount of scary. There was one moment where I thought for sure I was going in, but I pulled it together and saved myself.  My hair did get soaked and I was upset about that for the rest of the whole day as I am not a wash and wear kind of girl.  At the end of the day a good time was had by all.  Make sure you order the souvenir pics which they take right as your are crossing the white water.  It’s a DO NOT MISS—if, and only if, you are a little daring and are up for a thrill!!!  Personally after 3 times now, I'd say it's pretty fun. I think I'd do it again just not in crazy white water where there's a chance I'd fall out.  Oh and by the way, when you check out the town of Salida-it's pronounced Sa-lye-da with a long i. Just a piece of advice we picked up along the way so you won't look like a total tourist.

Destination #4: New Mexico and Colorado

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