American Textile Museum (Lowell)

American Textile Museum

What a waste of time! Not only of ours, but of the folks who put this jumble of a museum together.  It's such a shame because there are some really cool artifacts but there are no explanations about what you are looking at.  There was a whole display about linen and yet, there was nothing to tell you  that linen comes from the flax plant or what's involved in making it  all they had were a few swatches of woven linen with no explanation.  There were also incredible machines that had something to do with the production of wool, but none of us could figure it out.  There's no rhyme or reason to this place and it was frustrating, one minute your looking at clothes from the 1800's the next minute your looking at some medieval machine to card wool.  I felt supremely ripped off as this place was expensive too. My kids and I left just shaking our heads. Not sure why I didn't ask for my money back, I should have. Warning! Don't waste your time or money here-just head over to the Bootts Mill Museum where things will make a lot more sense.

American Textile Museum

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