Blackbeards (Corpus Christie)

Blackbeards (Corpus Christie)

After the long drive down from Houston we were starving.  Heading down toward the beach near our hotel we found Blackbeards, a seafood restaurant that was mighty tasty . Argh matey’s…the Fish and chips were pretty darn good according to Joel, our resident Fish and Chips expert!  At dinner we laughed at the fact that we almost drove all the way down to Padre Island at the very bottom of Texas.  I had punched in the wrong address for our hotel and nearly drove 3 extra hours out of our way.  Thank God Isaac realized what was up and saved the day putting us on the right path.  Never underestimate the quick thinking of a 9 year old!  The service was great and after our meal I sprung for some awesome T-shirts that my kids wore for years.  If you find yourself in Corpus Christie, Blackbeards is the place to go for a fantastic meal everyone will enjoy.


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