Bullock Texas State History Museum (Austin)


Though my kids and I missed The Bullock Texas State History Museum on our Texas road trip, I got the opportunity to visit while I was in Austin attending a friend's wedding.  I thought  it was such an incredible museum I wanted to include it here. I so wish I had done this with my kids as this museum traces the history of the state from it's ancient beginnings, through it's period as Mexican territory, it's battle for independence, as a center for ranching, through the oil boom, and up until the modern day. All the exhibits are well designed and  easy to understand ,really telling a story, and not just a collection of cased artifacts.   One thing I learned during my visit that I thought was really interesting and quite ironic was that Texas farmers initially thought the oil coming up through the ground and ruining their crops was a curse,  that is until cars and other technological advances created demand turning the oil into "black gold".  You cannot tour Texas and get the whole story without visiting this amazing museum .  I highly recommend it as a DO NOT MISS!!!

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