Central States Fair (Rapid City)

Destination: North and South Dakota

Rapid City is a great location not only because it's close to lots of attractions but also because it plays host to the Central States Fair. We purposely planned our trip so we could be there while it was happening.   We live in Southern California so our  fairs don't really feel authentic and so we were super excited to attend the real deal.  Sometimes we are hard pressed to find a night time activity and so this was particularly awesome as we could go after dinner and have a super fun night out.   The fair was everything we imagined and more, down home and wholesome fun.  First stop, a bull riding machine.  All three kids got to take a spin after I told the operator to keep it mellow and not  let them go flying off.  Everyone was cheering me on to take a ride, but I'll admit I was a big chicken and didn't want to be the momentary laughingstock.  That's a bit of embarrassment I could live without. We meandered through the livestock displays and the fruits and vegetables and marveled at the blue ribbon winners.  Then it was time to have a little dessert and sample some of that infamous fair food.  Let's see, we tried funnel cake with fresh strawberry preserves, omg was that incredible.  A deep fried Twinkie was actually pretty terrific, and Joel can't go anywhere without ordering churros, those fried doughy sticks sprinkled with cinnamon sugar so we had those too and washed it all down with sticky sweet homemade lemonade.  Snacks in hand we raced over to the Motocross show -I was a little disappointed as I had been dying to see the demolition derby which sadly was happening the next evening when we be off to our next stop.  Well let me tell you, the Motocross did not disappoint.  Seeing an event at the fair is fantastic because every seat is a good one and we settled in a few rows up from the front right in the middle.  We heard the roar of the bikes and then they were off, flying through the air over hill and bumps racing around tight corners popping wheelies with dirt flying everywhere.  I was an absolute blast!.…After the show we headed to the music pavilion where they had live country bands. With the music, the colorful lights of the ferris wheel and carnival rides and the crowds of fair goers, it was so picture perfect I thought I was part of a movie set.   I tried to get my kids to two-step with me but no dice. We sat and listened and watched the line dancers and then decided to pack it in.  What an incredible evening.

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