Cosmos Mystery Area (Rapid City)

Destination: North and South Dakota

To be perfectly honest, my kids and I were not quite sure what to make of The Cosmos Mystery Area but we were totally mystified.  Before heading out, we were given a short briefing and a story about a couple of boys who were playing and who happened upon some unexplained phenomena-like balls rolling and water flowing uphill.   After the intro, we then mozied up towards the first of some little tree house like structures to see some real demonstrations.  We stood in the "house" and felt immediately off balance, having to stand at an angle to stand straight.  I know, what I am saying makes no sense but that's what happened.  Our "guide" took out some tools to show us that indeed the walls were straight when clearly they weren't.  Then came the ball and water demonstrations... The ball literally rolled uphill and so did the water.  Dumbfounded my kids looked at me for answers, but none of it made any sense to me.  The only way to describe it is a possible inversion of gravity or some weird magnetic pull. As you walk down the hill you are really walking up…It was definitely strange and made me a little dizzy but it's just something that defies explanation.  I don't know about your kids, but science and physics are not things we normally talk about, so this was a great opportunity to hear their very creative explanations.  Apparently there are a few of these mystery areas located throughout the country.  I say DO NOT MISS!  Oh and by the way, as you leave, it feels like you are driving uphill to the exit, but if you put your car in neutral it will be actually be rolling downhill. Still scratching my head...

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