CSI The Experience @ The MGM Grand (Las Vegas)

CSI The Experience @ The MGM Grand

I wouldn’t say CSI The Experience is totally appropriate for a younger group but if your kids are in their early teens (and can handle the concept of a murder crime scene) this is a super cool activity that exercises your sleuthing skills and teaches you how investigators solve crimes.  After a brief explanation of what we were going to see and do, we were given a paper and pencil and shown a crime scene which we had to document and write down any details we thought would be relevant.

Afterward we headed to different “stations” to use science to solve the “whodunit”. We learned about DNA testing and how it’s used to identify suspects or narrow down a list.  We also learned about tracking calls and texts on a cell phones and using different databases to search for clues. Although we all decided to work separately and then compare notes we ended up all helping each other. I really loved working with my kids and watching the wheels in their brains spinning to get the answers. Proud mom that I am, I must say I have three super sleuths on my hands.

Sometimes it can get a little crowded and hearing others mumbling the answers can be annoying but overall I’d say its definitely worth doing as it’s something uniquely different and interactive on the strip.

CSI The Experience @ The MGM Grand

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