Ethel M Chocolate Factory Tour (Henderson)

Nevada, Utah and Arizona

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Factory tours and chocolate are two of my all time favorite things.   Ethel M sells chocolate nationwide but they are based right here in Henderson.  We stopped in for a tasty tour to watch how chocolate is tempered and poured into molds, and how caramels and other tasty fillings are made. Most of the tour is just walking by big glass windows where you can see the machines and the folks who operate them in action.  Your tour guide will fill you in telling what they're making and what the machines are doing.  Towards the end of the tour we approached a small machine in the middle of the room, the grand finale if you will.  This is the enrobing machine.  As the naked creamy centers move down the assembly line they receive a little "robe" of chocolate-like the robe you put on after a shower, creating ready-to-eat samples for everyone on the tour. How fabulous! Of course, you will end up in the factory store now that you've had  a taste, but there are much worse and less tasty things that could happen to you. Don’t even try to resist...

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