International Vinegar Museum (Roslyn)

Destination: North and South Dakota

Located in the tiny town of Roslyn, South Dakota,The International Vinegar Museum is in a wonderfully interesting place, albeit way off the beaten path-in fact as we were driving I kept asking myself if this was the right move as I wasn't sure it would be worth the long haul.  I am so glad I persevered.  Not only was it worth it, it was a terrific hands on learning opportunity the everyone enjoyed-especially the kids.   Established by world-renowned food scientist, Lawrence Diggs, the museum exhibits everything you always wanted to know about the properties and history of the uses of vinegar. Unfortunately Mr. Diggs wasn't there during our tour, but his sister was kind enough to show us around.  She taught us how vinegar has been used as a preservative and how various cultures use it in their cuisine. We saw vinegars from all around the world. She showed us how to do a proper tasting and quizzed us to make sure we did it just right-dipping a Q-tip into the vinegar and then placing it on our tongue after taking a good whiff..  Some of the samplings were so delicious we had to send a few bottles home which were conveniently for sale in the museum.  The Blood Orange vinegar was irresistible and the overall favorite which was followed up by the tequila lime and the pomegranate-which reminds me, I think I am going to order some more on their website , it was just too fabulous! (if you want to you can click here it will take you right to the order page). . If you are a foodie, it’s a must. After leaving, we couldn't resist trying the vinegar milkshake offered on the side of the road in this small town! We tried it, and it was a unanimous EWWWWW.

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