Little Hollywood Movie Museum (Kanab)

Nevada, Utah and Arizona

On our way to the Grand Cayon we stopped in Kanab to stretch our legs, grab a bite to eat, and explore a bit. We discovered a fun little stop called the Little Hollywood Movie Museum—This is a funky little place to explore if you are in the right frame of mind. It’s full of all kinds of western movie sets and props anything from old farm tools, wagon wheels, you name it—even a noose. It’s a great place to snap some awesome pictures and run around for about 30 minutes. The kids and I wandered around talking about the stuff we were seeing, guessing what it might have been used for, trying to explain the noose was interesting. I like to have an open dialogue with my kids. I don't sugar coat stuff but I also break it up into bite sized pieces so they understand. As a parent I always believe it's important for the kids to know that the door of communication is always open. No question is stupid and everything deserves and explanation (that's age appropriate of course) Whew, sorry to have gotten off track...the museum is free (wow, when was the last time you heard that?) and there’s a gift shop and an old time photo studio. We just had to do the picture and so should you if you go—you’ll laugh about it for years to come! Get dressed up in the costumes and have a ball. Click on their website and you can get a 10% coupon on gift shop purchases!

A word to the wise, little did we know this would be that last bit of civilization we would see for a few hours on our way to the Grand Canyon. (And let me warn you now folks, there are no shortcuts—our hotel was located near the south rim and the only real way to get there was to drive around).  Before leaving Kanab make sure you've got water and snacks and anything else you might need in case of emergency.  After that get going and drive off into some of the most beautiful desert landscape right out of the Thelma and Louise movie.

Nevada, Utah and Arizona

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