Maine State Capitol Building (Augusta)

Maine State Capitol Building

So how many of you reading this thought the Maine State Capitol Building was in Bangor….Nope, it’s in Augusta, right across the parking lot from the Maine State Museum.  It is very pretty from the outside, but I have to admit, my kids were pretty disappointed.  The interior is quite modern and there are almost no artifacts. As you enter you are greeted by the state seal with the motto “Dirigo” which we found out means (to) lead or direct They do have the civil war flags (which seem to be a requirement for any New England state capitol building), however they are all replicas and they look new and plasticky…Not sure if the real ones are sitting in some archive somewhere, but my feeling is they should be displayed for the people of Maine and for everyone who visits to pay tribute to Maine’s soldiers and regiments who bravely fought. Seeing those tattered flags brings home the enormity of the battle, and the message is clear, as Americans we must work together to resolve our differences, never again letting this country be ripped apart.  We ran through the building very quickly and quite honestly felt pretty let down.

Maine State Capitol Building

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