Museum of Glass (Tacoma)

Washington and Oregon

Wow, we Learned all about how glass is created and crafted into things we use every day and incredible artwork at the Museum of Glass.  After venturing inside the cone shaped building we took seats in the amphitheater around 3 hot kilns and watched as artisans blew incredible shapes. The sand was melted into a blob on a metal rod and then put into the fire. It was blown and shaped and reworked a couple of times. It was interesting to see how they added colors bit by bit, into the fire out of the fire, blowing, popping until the artist was satisfied with his shape. We had no idea what was involved in making these beautiful creations. It's amazing to think that this was how all glass was crafted back in the day. Today there are many other methods for commercial production that we learned about at the museum as well. Fascinating what you can learn about the things you take for granted. Afterward, we wandered around and learned about the scientific properties of glass. Most favorite though were the exhibits from some of the country's pre-eminent glass artisans like Dale Chihuly who was born in Tacoma and  was instrumental in the museums founding. Spectacular and breathtaking when you realize how they were made after witnessing how it's done.  Did you know glass is made of silica, which is sand? A totally natural substance!