National Mustard Museum (Middleton)

Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin

When we visited the National Mustard Museum it was located in a small town right outside Madison named Mt. Horeb but be forewarned, they renamed the town Middleton.  This was such a cute, quirky and interesting stop and I highly recommend you don't miss it.  We learned everything we could ever want to know about our favorite yellow condiment. The museum is literally one man’s obsession turned into a shrine and it's totally awesome. We learned all about the history of mustard, and were given the opportunity to taste every mustard they carry in their shop (which is quite a few). Sampling away we tried honey mustard, wasabi, hot and name it and debated which were our favorites.

Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, and WisconsinThere is just something magical about tasting and discovering new things, flavors and combinations that dance around in your mouth. I loved sharing that experience with my kids, comparing and talking about what we liked and didn't like. I loved hearing their different opinions which always gives me more insight into who they are as individuals. Odd as this may sound, mustard is now not just that yellow stuff that comes out of the bottle that goes on our hot dog or turkey sandwich, it is another thing we can connect about, recalling our shared experience and remembering what we tasted at the museum. Visiting the Mustard Museum was kitschy and fun but also gave us a great opportunity to send home some great souvenirs to our favorite folks back home.   Exotic mustards from the mustard museum make a great gift. I made a nice gift box for my parents and had them ship it directly to them. Oh, and don't think we didn't send some to ourselves too, keeping our road trip memories alive long after our return home.  Delish!

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