Norman Rockwell Museum (Stockbridge)

Norman Rockwell

There is no painter who better captures the spirit of America more than Norman Rockwell and that's why I thought it was so important to go to this museum even though it was a little out of the way in Stockbridge-which by the way, is the cutest town ever. This is where Norman Rockwell made his home and had his studio on the premises. Inside my kids and I were all blown away to see many of his very popular and recognizable paintings up close and personal. I loved the fact that my kids easily recognized many of the images. Rockwell uses imagery to evoke an emotion, make a point, or draw out the humor in a seemingly mundane situation. I really enjoyed the conversation between my kids and I discussing what each of them saw and what message they got from the painting. I realized how astute and it tune they are a people and as their mom, that made me very proud indeed. DO NOT MISS this American treasure. See the amazing artwork, but more importantly take the time to talk about what your seeing and what it means to you.

Norman Rockwell Museum

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