North Carolina State Capitol Building (Raleigh)

Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina

If you are keen on visiting every state capitol when the opportunity arises like we are, then you don't want to miss the North Carolina State Capitol Building.  We just couldn't wait to visit since we'd seen some much amazing stuff in North Carolina, but as soon as we entered we were disappointed because it just didn't live up to our expectations.  Raliegh is a very lush and beautiful city, and we expected that feeling would be reflected in the art and architecture of the capitol building.

We were very surprised to find a very bland dome with very little art or ornamentation save for a few stone sculptures.  Built in 1840 it is listed as a National Historic Site and is one of the best preserved examples of Greek Revival architecture.  I guess it was pretty in a sort of clean and minimalist way, but lacked personality and life.  Be sure to poke your head in the State House and Senate Chambers which are a little more decorative but not by much.

Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina

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