North Dakota State Capitol Building (Bismarck)

Destination #5: North and South Dakota

The NorthDakota State Capitol Building does not conform to norms of state capitol architecture particularly since it is 19 stories tall.  There is no dome or rotunda but still my kids could not wait to race inside and see what treasures it held.   Inside we did see some historical artwork and carvings, but they most enjoyed checking out the state seal. Personally, I found the sculptures on the grounds really beautiful and very moving. Maybe because my dad is a sculptor I have a greater appreciation of these things, but the large bronze sculpture you see in this picture  really spoke to me.  This is a family coming out west to face untold hardships for land and a better way of life.  The father has a determined look revealing hope for the future and a better life for his family.  The son grabs the wagon wheel that brought them here, unsure of what the future will hold but but willing to help his family however he can.  The mother is clothed in many layers to keep here warm as she cradles her small child keeping it warm and protected from the harsh North Dakota winter.  This family pays homage to the real families who trekked across this land and eventually made it their home. I think this sculpture for me captured the complete essence of the theme of this trip, portraying the  spirit of those brave homesteaders.

Destination #5: North and South Dakota

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