Oceans Of Fun/Worlds Of Fun (Kansas City)

Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin

Road trips can be really educational with all the museum and historic sites but it's super important to let kids get their ya-yas out once and awhile and just let them play and have fun. Balance is key for creating a memorable trip that everyone will enjoy-so if you are traveling with kids be sure to include at least one thing that they can really look forward to and talk it up before you leave that way everyone is guaranteed to have a good time.  With so many museums under our belt this far into the trip, it was time to give the kids a break and since we were spending the night in Kansas City, we headed over to Oceans Of Fun and Worlds Of Fun. It was pretty hot and the kids could not wait to get wet and wild-me, uh I was just content to find a nice chaise lounge and decompress a little.  While the kids got a locker and  got changed, I found a nice little area and spread out our towels and made camp.  The kids made a plan of what rides they were doing and in what order and then off they ran hitting some of the slides, the wave pool, the lazy river, and a few others that looked like a good time.  Though my kids fight and bicker constantly, I am really glad to know that when it comes to places like this they like to stick together, making sure no one gets lost or goes off by themselves.  They all have good heads on their shoulders and they look out for one another and there's nothing more you can ask for as a parent-I only hope and pray that it lasts into adulthood.  Sadly, I don't keep in touch with my two younger brothers and as a parent, I hope with all my heart that my kids maintain a good relationship between them.  Hopefully these road trip memories with be some of the glue that holds them together.  After a few rounds of rides everyone was starving so we hit the concession stand and ordered up some fries and a pizza filling up their tanks with a snack before dinner. The fries got a thumbs up from Joel, our pickiest eater.

Oceans Of Fun/Worlds Of Fun (Kansas City)

After everyone (except me) was completely waterlogged, the kids got changed and we grabbed a Subway sandwich for dinner. We then headed to the sister park, Worlds Of Fun.  At night the park had a nice county fair like vibe with the lighted ferris wheels and carousels.  It wasn't too small to be hokey  but not too big and crazy like a Six Flags either.  The kids rode some roller coasters and I hopped on a  few rides with them that I still don't mind like the Himalaya and The Scrambler before they were just completely wiped out.  This is a great place for a dedicated kid day if you find yourselves in Kansas City.


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