OMSI – Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (Portland)

Destination: Washington and Oregon

OMSI is probably the best science museum my kids and I have ever been to. It has tons of terrific, engaging, hands-on exhibits. Unlike most science museums that highlight concepts with a million buttons to push (which don't really engage the kids, all they're interested in is pushing the buttons) the exhibits here really encouraged learning. Lilia sat at an exhibit and learned all about money. The boys enjoyed figuring our conceptual and science based puzzles. Besides the permanent exhibits there are also temporary ones. When we were there, they had recently installed a nucear submarine exhibit. The boys especially loved sitting at the controls and acting like hot shots. Like many science museums this one also has an IMAX movie theater. If you have the time, an IMAX movie can be a great activity for the whole family. We happened to see one about the Grand Canyon, which by the way, inspired our next road trip.