Oregon Dunes National Recreation Center (Florence)

Destination #1: Washington and Oregon

Oregon is home to some spectacular sand dunes at the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Center and one of the best ways to experience them is in a dune buggy. I cannot begin to tell you how much fun dune buggy racing is in fact I think it's better than any roller coaster. I certainly did not feel brave enough to drive so we hired a driver to take us around and up and down the dunes. We put on our goggles (trust me you do not want to get sand in your eyes and it flies everywhere) and hopped in our 6 seater dune buggy which feels like a bunch of pipes fashioned into a kind of cage, a motor and some seats. We got strapped in, Isaac and Joel were in the front with the driver and the rest of us were in the second row. We raced around and then went way up a hill and then came speeding down. I am not sure I have ever heard Isaac and Joel squeal with delight like they did when we raced down the dune. Holy cow, you cannot believe how tall these dunes are, just watching the other drivers scream down them put my heart in my stomach. A definite once in a lifetime experience not to be missed if you are ok with a thrill ride. The outfitter we went with was Sandland Adventures and they were just fantastic but there are others in the area if they are booked up.

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