Oz Museum (Wamego)

Destination #6: Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma

A trip to Kansas wouldn’t be complete without a visit Oz-the Oz Museum that is! That’s right, it wasn’t just a dream--someone actually assembled quite a collection of Wizard of Oz memorabilia and opened this quirky museum in the town of Wamego.  The kids and I ventured inside and were greeted by an enormous Tin Man.  After paying our entrance fee, we wandered inside through scene after scene from the Wizard of Oz.  It was fun at first, but at some point it became  Oz overload unless of course you are a die hard Wizard of Oz fan at which point you will think you are in heaven.    We took a photo with each character for good measure, even Toto and a few munchkins.  It was just one of those things you feel obligated to do because Dorothy was from Kansas after all.  What was super fun though was the gift shop.  So many adorable Oz related items I had to be dragged out of there, what can I say, gift shops are my Kryptonite.    I picked up my favorite souvenir of all time here.  It's a little plastic sign that says "There's no place like home" .  On top  of the plastic letters dangling from a springy wire, are two tiny ruby slippers. Every time I see it, I know that however far we go, and however many adventures we have, at the end of them all, it's great to come back to the comforts of home.

Destination #6: Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma

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