The Corn Palace (Mitchell)

Destination #5: North and South Dakota

Every guide book said that the Corn Palace was an absolutely do not miss, so we couldn't wait to get there.  When we arrived, we checked out the outside of the building which is a collection of mosaics of various scenes made from different shades of dried corn kernels. The mosaics we saw all had a cowboy and rodeo theme but we found out that every year the designs change.   After all the kernels are painstakingly glued on, they are left until the birds eat them all off, and then a new design is put up the next year (yeah, really). The inside of the Corn Palace is a community center where local events are held but there wasn't much to see and do inside when we were there.  We left scratching our heads a bit wishing we'd known what to expect, that it was just something cool to look at on the outside.  We busied ourselves and got some ice cream and did a little souvenir shopping.  There are tons of "corny" souvenirs to be had in one of the shops across the street.  I got a pen that looks like an ear of corn and I treasure it to this day.  Down the street there are some cool statues that you can pose for pictures with such as the Blues Brothers and this animated hot dog putting mustard on himself.

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