The Grand Canyon National Park

Nevada, Utah and Arizona

The Grand Canyon is the grand daddy of National Parks! So much to see and do here, and so little time-it's enormous and overwhelming. We drove around the South Rim not quite sure how to tackle it but taking in the enormity of the canyon below.. What really blew me away is that up until the Grand Canyon the land is completely flat open space and then all of a sudden there is this huge hole in the ground as far as your eye can see and all you see is the marvelous canyon carved out below-layers and layers or rock formations in beautiful pink is truly breathtaking. Because we were so limited on time (and I was feeling a little crazy), I thought the best way for us to take it all in would be by helicopter. It super was pricey, but that way we could see the best parts of the canyon all at once. The kids and I  had the thrill of a lifetime, and although I was strapped in saying my prayers the whole time, the magnificence of the view made it all worth it. DO NOT MISS!

Nevada, Utah and Arizona

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