The Health Museum (Houston)


The Health Museum is a wonderful museum where you learn all about the human body…where YOU are the exhibit. Head to toe, you will find out how everything works and how to take care of the most fascinating machine in the world—the human body.  This museum was super educational on many levels and reminded me a lot of that old ride at Disneyland called Inner Space which sadly no longer exists. One standout exhibit was a skeleton on a bicycle that was hooked up to an identical bicycle. When you hop on and pedal, the other bike with the skeleton pedals as well and you can see how your bones move and work to pedal the bike. Really creative…We walked through a really large mouth examining the teeth and the tongue, learned about brain waves and how the nervous system worked, and of course the kids favorite, digestion.  Why is it all kids are fascinated with poop?  Well, we discussed it in great scientific detail and everyone emerged with a much better understanding of their body as a miraculous and very sophisticated machine. All 3 kids gave this museum a big thumbs up!

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