The Java Cow (Park City)


As you probably know by now, ice cream is one of our family's favorite treats and we seek it out wherever we go.  Park City, Utah was no exception and so we were really excited when our friends the Sobel family and the Richmond family told us we just HAD to try their favorite ice cream place The Java Cow.

What makes the Java Cow unique is that the store has two distinct sides-on one side you have the coffee house/bakery which not only offers killer coffee and baked goods but also panini sandwiches and homemade crepes.  On the other side is the ice cream parlor and souvenir shop.  Want something in a cow theme? They've got everything you can think of, socks, pajamas, mugs, stuffed animals-you name. You'll surely find it here shopping the shelves as you stand in line for your ice cream treat.  We happen to collect ice cream scoopers and could not resist picking up one that had black and white cow markings and some little pink utters on the bottom.  Just adorable!


And now on to the ice cream...After waiting about 10 minutes in line we finally got to the front to find a plethora of original flavors.  Outrageous combinations of chocolate, vanilla, coffee and some fruit flavors of ice cream with bits of yummy chunks of chocolate caramel, brownies, nuts, Heath bar, Butterfinger bars and all kinds of other name it.  Their signature flavor-and my personal fave was the Zowy Cowy....and Holy Moly it was off the charts fantastic.  Creamy and smooth vanilla ice cream with chunks of delicious dark chocolate, Heath bar and caramel swirls. Cone or cup your sweet tooth will be satisfied.

zowy cowy java cow

Do Not Miss this Park City original-your taste buds will thank you when they're done partying. In fact, I think we are going to have to add this to our Top 10 Ice Creams list.


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