Thunder Road Family Fun Center (Watertown)

Thunder Road Family Fun Center

At the end of a long hot day on the road, The Thunder Road Family Fun Center was the perfect place to indulge in some fun and games.  The kids rode the go-karts and then we partook in a game of mini golf.  I just love mini golf.  Once we get past the chaos of who goes first and the order of turns, I love discovering the cute and wacky scenarios of each hole.  When I was growing up, we didn't have a lot so a trip to the new mini golf place near my house was a big deal.  It was such a treat whenever we got to go, I savored each and every hole and would feel sad when we'd get to the end. My favorite hole was the windmill painted in sugary sweet colors with the little water fountain in front.  I remember trying desperately to get my ball to go up the ramp so I'd get the best shot down below on the green (or blue or red depending on the turf color at the hole).  If we were really good, my mom would give us a few extra quarters and let us play some Skeeball.  Now that was living! Thankfully, I can offer my kids more today than I had as a kid, but somehow the simple pleasure of mini golf in the warm summer air wasn't lost on them either.  And it was nice to find out they loved Skeeball just as much as I did.

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