Wisconsin Cheese Mart (Milwaukee)

Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin

Wow, were we lucky that we happened to wander into The Wisconsin Cheese Mart, as this amazing cheese store claims to have the world’s largest selection of Wisconsin cheese.  By the looks of the cases I wouldn’t doubt it, this store was chock full of every type of cheese you could imagine. Our luck continued as the store was pretty empty, so they let us sample all kinds of cheese. We were thrilled when they brought out a huge wheel of Jarlsburg cheese. They used a long wire with two handles attached using a sawing motion to cut the huge wheel in half.  They let us sample that too using a special cheese knife to take  off little slices for all of us to try. It was just delish! We had some stuff shipped home, and there was even some cheese in wax that didn’t need refrigeration that we took back with us to give as gifts (in cute shapes like cows or the shape of Wisconsin).  I am sure one of the main reasons Wisconsin is so famous for it's cheeses is because of the local population is deeply connected to it's immigrant roots . I just love learning about cultures through foods, and exploring the cheese mart was a wonderful way to learn about what immigrants brought with them from their home countries in Scandinavia and Europe that have grown to become part of American culture.

Wisconsin Cheese Mart (Milwaukee)

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