World of Wings Pigeon Center (Oklahoma City)

Destination #6: Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma

At one of our stops I was perusing the brochure rack like I always do looking for activities I might have missed in my research, when I noticed an activity I hadn't heard or read about—and that’s how I discovered one of our most unique and memorable stops!

World of Wings is a “museum” (I use that term loosely here) dedicated to “preserving the legacy of Domestic Pigeons.” Before you start scratching your head, let me explain.  Here, you can learn all about the sport of racing pigeons (yeah it's really a sport, and former heavyweight champ Mike Tyson is a huge enthusiast), including facts about their keen homing instincts.  We watched a short video about the history of homing pigeons and their uses particularly in times of war. Pigeons were used to carry messages back and forth particularly by spies.  Afterwards we headed to the cages where we saw some prized pigeons  and even got to have them sit on our arms and heads.  Thank G-d no on got pooped on. We also saw some newly hatched chicks, as well as rare show pigeons with crazy feathers.  There was even one crazy pigeon that doesn't fly, but does somersaults...truly weird.   This spontaneous visit was interesting and educational and truth be told, we will never look at pigeons the same way ever again!

UPDATE: As of this writing their website was not working so I am not sure what's up.  Their phone number is listed so if you are in the area, do give them a call first and make sure they are still open.