ArkansasArkansas felt sort of like  Tennessee's little sister rich in country charm but missing the bits of glamour and flash. Lovely rolling hills dotted with beautiful towns echoed a simple and wholesome lifestyle. I have to admit that I expected Arkansas to feel plain and a little bit backwater, but driving through I didn't get that sense at all. Little Rock is a sophisticated city but it has an easy going air about it and people are very down to earth. In fact all of Arkansas felt like a very comfortable place to live. Driving through we saw lots of signs for beautiful new home developments. Did you know it's also home to America's richest family, the Walton family who are based on Bentonville who are the founders of Walmart. It's also the birthplace of our 42nd president, Bill Clinton who was born in a little town called Hope.

The Clinton Presidential Library (Little Rock)

Arkansas is both lovely and unfussy, ordinary in a beautiful way, hearkening back to a time and place when things were simpler.  In fact if I really had to think about it, it felt like the most All American place in the whole country if there really is such a thing.

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