Fan Boat Tour (Miami)


Heading out to our fan boat experience, the tour said was located in Miami, but be forewarned, it's right on the edge of the Everglades about an hour outside of the city.  It's also totally worth the drive!  There is no better nor more thrilling way to experience the Everglades that in a fan boat. There are many outfits that offer tours that are located along the highway, but we chose the Everglades Safari Park because of the the online reviews and are we glad we did.   Their entire staff and our fabulous guide were very knowledgeable, professional  and their price was competitive.

DSC_0085You can buy tickets for a group tour, or for a bit more have your own private boat and guide which is what we opted to do for this once in a lifetime.  I knew the kids would have lots of questions so I really wanted to go at our own pace. Our guide took time to tell us all about the wildlife in the area and pretty much let us decide on the course and direction.  We learned about the plant life and the animals that make the everglades their home including egrets, turtles, and especially gators, all existing together in this unique ecosystem.

What we found really interesting was that the water DSC_0079was not that deep, probably only up to your knees or thighs in most places but it goes on for miles as far as your eye can see. It’s like a giant marshy swamp teaming with life. After getting a real nature lesson, we buckled up as our guide pushed the throttle up to full speed and off we went flying with our hair blowing back in the wind.  The fan boat can go incredibly fast, so it's best to hang on to your hats. Our guide even took us to a tiny private island. This is a DO NOT MISS!



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