Fuji Japanese Restaurant (Fairbanks)


DSC_0458Driving around a new city looking for a place to eat especially when everyone is starving can be a daunting experience.  We Yelp, and Urban Spoon  and even Open Table, but our best suggestions always come by word of mouth, from some nice local person we happen to meet.  And that's how we discovered a true culinary gem-Fuji Japanese Restaurant. Click Here to see their awesome website that will whet your appetite!

DSC_0460I don't know about you, but my kids cannot get enough sushi.  They would go anywhere with the word sushi on the door.  Knowing the dangers of raw fish, I am a lot more cautious and will try to steer them only to a new sushi restaurant if it's been highly recommended.  Hearing that all the students and staff at the nearby University of Alaska loved this place we decided to give it a try, and all I can tell you is WOW.  Great sushi is really all about the fish, and you won't find any fresher than the fish in Alaska-it is superb.  We are not super adventurous sushi eaters and tend to stick to the basics like spicy tuna, seared albacore, and salmon, but everything we ordered was undeniably fresh and super tasty.

DSC_0459The chef at Fuji  was also very eager to please, making my son a copy cat version of his favorite roll from an LA sushi restaurant that involved tempura battered salmon with avocado.  It was so good in fact that Joel commented that it was better than the roll back home.  Lucky for me, my kids like Japanese cuisine so in addition to sushi we had Udon (noodle soup), sunomono (a sweet and sour cucumber salad) and some tempura vegetables.  Fuji also had some hibachi dishes on the menu which I bet were equally good but there was only so much we could eat.  We left full and satisfied ready to take on our next adventure-which is exactly how you want to feel after experiencing a great restaurant find.