Minnesota State Capitol Building (St. Paul)

Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin

The Minnesota State Capitol Building is a stately structure with the requisite dome columns and other ornamentation like so many others.  What is unique is the gold leafed 'quadriga" (a four horse chariot) up on the roof.  Supposedly the four horses represent the power of nature: earth, wind, fire and water. The women leading the horses symbolize civilization, and the man on the chariot represents prosperity.  We didn't quite make it up to the roof, but it is available for viewing when weather permits.  Inside, the building is beautifully painted with various murals accented by marble columns.  It was lovely, but not a standout.  We ran around seeing the legislative houses and then quickly got back on the road to Wisconsin.  It's a great quick in and out stop.

Minnesota State Capitol Building (St. Paul)

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