The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute (Birmingham)

Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama

Sadly, we missed the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute but even so I thought it was important to cover here because it was on our itinerary.   On our trip #10 Civil Rights and American Music we'd been to the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, the Little Rock High School National Historic Site and Visitor Center, the Edmund Pettus bridge in Selma, the Rosa Parks bus stop and the Rosa Parks Library and Museum in Montgomery.  My crew had already gotten the message big time, and by this point just exhausted and could not look at one more museum. I gave everyone a break and let them have a slow, leisurely morning, sleeping in and then enjoying a nice, southern, down-home breakfast before getting back on the road. In hindsight, I am sorry we missed it.  If you are so inclined, do check out this museum—it’s supposed to be really great.

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