The Cabildo / The Louisiana State Museum (New Orleans)

Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama

Also known as the Louisiana State Museum, The Cabildo was originally the seat of the colonial government in New Orleans, as well as the site of the Louisiana Purchase transfer. At one point the building housed the state supreme court and was the site of the famous Plessy vs. Ferguson decision.  Now the building houses an incredible collection of Louisiana history. We walked through the museum which covers a huge amount of history.

Sadly, all I can really remember about our time spent at The Cabildo  is that my youngest son Joel had a complete meltdown, throwing a tantrum and making everyone miserable.  I made him stand in the corner while we walked around the gallery and then a security guard came to find me because Joel was terrified that I'd left him there.  Sometimes kids really test your limits and as parents we don't always make the right decisions.  It's really hard especially as a single parent when you have to be the good cop and the bad cop.  Thankfully, after all is said and done, my kids seemed to have turned out fine, in spite of some of the tough turns.  If you go to the Cabildo, I hope your kids behave and you can all take in the interesting Louisiana history the Cabildo has to show you.