The Pig on Beale Street (Memphis)

The Pig on Beale Street (Memphis)

For lunch or dinner try…The Pig on Beale- So if you’re a meat eater, you just have to sample the famous Memphis BBQ.  Memphis BBQ is unique since it's more vinegary and spicy BBQ as opposed to Carolina BBQ which is sweeter or Texas and Kansas City which is more smoky tomatoey. So there you have it, American BBQ 101.

As we were walking down Beale Street (which is the heart and soul of the Memphis music scene) around lunch time,  the smell was just wafting through the air—and it was breathtaking.  I can't tell you how good the BBQ was because I didn't get to taste it, (but the reviews we read said it was just fantastic!)  At the time, we were doing the vegetarian thing, so we got something insanely weird but really tasty…BBQ spaghetti. I know, I am blowing your mind right now, but if your choices are limited it’s worth a try. You know what? it was really good.  We paired it with a salad and some dinner rolls and had a table of happy campers.

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