Toledo Museum of Art-Glass Pavillion (Toledo)

Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and Kentucky

Toledo is famous for glass production and The Toledo Museum of Art-Glass Pavillion showcases some of the most beautiful glass artifacts and sculptures from ancient times to the present.   Everyone really enjoyed the opulent displays.  The cut crystal was amazing, but everyone's favorites were the awesome modern art glass sculptures.  I just love art glass, it's such an interesting artistic medium.  It's so fluid and smooth looking, and yet it is hard and breakable.  It doesn't take too long to check everything out, making it a fun and quick visit but it's super important to make sure that everyone understands to look with their eyes only.  The staff are very vigilant in protecting all the displays. While you are there, see if you can find a Dale Chihuly sculpture (remember him from trip #1?). My kids found it right away. Also check out the wall of beads you see here.  Each one is unique and different, they almost look like little candies.  And here's another fun tip, make sure you go into the bathrooms—Using glass in some very creative ways, they are the nicest and most original we’ve seen on any trip anywhere.

Toledo Museum of Art-Glass Pavillion (Toledo)

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